We have dealt over R$2 billion in transactions, with national and foreign players, and investment funds

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Value Creation Cases


Creating value with competition

Sector: B2B Distribution and Services

Project: Total sale of the Brazilian subsidiary of a giant North American company

The shareholders’ expectation of the company’s value, confirmed by the valuation carried out by our team, was between R$ 120-140 million. We mapped +40 potential buyers, with +30 multinationals headquartered outside Brazil. We approached them and opened negotiations with 11 of them. We selected 4 to the final stage and, orchestrating a well-organized competitive process, we closed the transaction for more than R$ 190 million with a European multinational – an amount more than 60% higher than the minimum shareholders’ expectation.

A competitive process conducted with professionalism creates value in the sale of a business, and a lot!


Creating value with persistence

Sector: Technology

Project: Total sale of a Brazilian technology company of ~R$ 40 million

We approached +90 strategic players validated with shareholders. A complex sectorial environment coupled with some challenging characteristics of the business made negotiations with 14 interested companies arduous. We then developed specific theses on how the client could add value to each of the most interested players and we did a new roadshow after a year of the project. In the end, we closed the sale to a large complementary player in the sector in the valuation expected by our clients.

If there is any chance, however small, to make a transaction within the expectation of our client, we will find a way to make it happen.


Creating value with resilience

Sector: Health

Project: Capital raising with a private equity fund to accelerate the growth of a leading national company in its segment, with revenues of almost R$ 200 million

Our team worked for 3 years with full dedication, in fact acting as the company’s M&A department, integrated with other functional areas and almost daily contact with shareholders and directors. After several parallel negotiations at a deep level of complexity and more than a year of specific negotiations with the chosen fund, the transaction was closed.

Without a dedicated, committed and resilient team, a difficult but possible transaction does not happen.


Creating value with diligence

Sector: Technology

Project: Sale of control of a Brazilian technology company of ~R$ 100 million in revenue to one of its largest competitors

Although the interest was mutual, the most complex was to design a transaction format that would preserve power for our client, which would become a relevant minority shareholder, and still allow the creation of value for both parties after the closing of the transaction. After agreeing on the values, we negotiated the terms of the purchase and sale agreement and, mainly, the shareholders’ agreement for another 6 months, aiming to guarantee our client the strength to conduct the business the next day. At the end, the company’s value was multiplied and the amount received after the transaction by the shareholders was proportionally higher than at the closing.

Even the most complex and risky transactions can be made viable creating value. Experience and diligence make a big difference, especially on the day after the transaction.