We advise companies of different sizes and sectors in search of the best transaction for our client


Total Sale

We deeply evaluate the company and its sector, prepare the valuation, map the prospective buyers and prepare the necessary materials to present the company in the best possible way to the market. In addition, we approach all prospective buyers and conduct the entire negotiation until the transaction is closed.


Capital Raising

We deeply analyze the company and its sector and prepare the valuation. Based on that, together with the shareholders, we defined the ideal profile of the investor and develop an investment thesis, a basis material to present the opportunity to the market. Then we map and approach prospective investors and conduct the entire negotiation, up to the signing of the contract and the shareholders’ agreement.


Companies Acquisition

In the advisory for acquisition, we strategically evaluate our client’s company and its sector to define the most appropriate company profile for acquisition, with a focus on creating value and capturing synergies. Thus, we conduct the entire business process, from mapping and approaching target companies to signing contracts.


Debt Raising & Renegotiation

We conduct an in-depth financial assessment of the company, the debt profile and the need for capital in the short, medium and long terms. Then, together with the company, we built the funding scenarios and defined the potential financial instruments available. After that, we access financial institutions and prospective investors and conduct negotiations.


Value Creation Advisory

  • Grafin’s partner as a member of the advisory board or executive committee for strategic and financial advisory
  • Company diagnostic for value creation
  • Valuation and economic feasibility studies to assist strategic decision-making
  • Strategic investment portfolio evaluation – buy, hold or sell

Sales Process

Learn more details about how Grafin conducts a company’s sales process and how it adds value in each of its stages

Phase 1 | Planning of the M&A process

  • Alignment of client’s objectives with the project and understanding of the company’s operation, its market and competitors.
  • Contact with our extensive relationship network and senior advisors, to obtain an accurate sector view of the trends and expectations of investors.
  • Follow-up by a partner dedicated to the critical aspects of the company (pre-due diligence), identification of any quick wins and possible contingencies.

Phase 2 |  Company valuation and preparation of marketing materials

  • Elaboration of the valuation with a not only technical but practical and realistic view of the company’s market value, identifying which are the main drivers of value for a strategic buyer or for a financial investor.
  • Preparation of marketing materials so that interested parties can understand the strategic value of the company. In the case of a capital raising project, an investment thesis is elaborated, contemplating projections, capital needs assessment, exit alternatives, etc.

Phase 3 | Mapping prospective buyers/investors

  • Identification of the targets to be addressed by carrying out a broad mapping, going beyond the most obvious sectors and candidates.
  • The focus is on bringing the greatest number of proposals to the table and stimulating competition.

Phase 4 | Initial approach with teaser and NDA signature

  • Initial approach to prospective buyers and investors with teaser (summary of the investment opportunity without opening the identity of our client).
  • Signature of NDA (Confidentiality Agreement) with interested parties.

Phase 5 | Information Memorandum and doubt clarification

  • Send the Information Memorandum (presentation with a detailed description of the company – shareholders and organizational structure, strategic plan, market and competition analysis, financial and operational information, etc.) to prospective buyers and investors who signed the NDA.
  • Clarification of additional doubts and send additional information to interested parties.

Phase 6 | Negotiation of Indicative Proposal

  • Evolution of discussions with interested investors. We anticipate, when appropriate, the discussion of matters that go beyond price.
  • Negotiation of the preliminary terms of the transaction in line with the defined strategy.

Phase 7 | Due diligence and Binding Proposal negotiation

  • Supervision and coordination of the entire due diligence process (operational, financial, accounting and legal).
  • Assistance in setting up the data room and defining a strategy for conducting and organizing the entire flow of information so that company executives remain focused on day-to-day operation and not on questions from prospective buyers and investors.
  • Negotiation of the terms of the contracts, that go far beyond price, such as handling contingencies, guarantees and, for partial sale processes, mainly the shareholders’ agreement.

Phase 8 | Contract negotiation and transaction closing

  • Negotiation of final terms and signing of contracts. After that, Grafin monitors the transaction until its closing, financial settlement and announcement.

Grafin adds experience acquired in several transactions. We have the experience of negotiating under great pressure, involving complex topics, great values ​​and high caliber professionals in the business and financial world. Count on our resilience, transparency and creativity to solve seemingly unsolvable issues in search of the best transaction for our client.