About Grafin

We have been acting as advisors for buying and selling companies since 2003 with a global reach



Technical knowledge and experience are essential in conducting an M&A project. But more than that, it takes resilience from those who lead it, to withstand great pressure and find solutions that are not obvious when challenges, common to any process of buying or selling a company, arise. More than past stories or diplomas, count on the most resilient team on the market.



Believe us, it is possible to do M&A with humility. And contrary to the usual arrogant posture of many bankers and advisors, we have proven throughout our history that by doing so we create even more value at the negotiation table for our clients. The client, its objectives and the transaction must always prevail.



The differential in the M&A market is no longer access – it is access with quality. Capital and the decision-makers are eager for good companies and projects. More than transit among funds, investors and strategic players, we have an experienced and dedicated team to dive into your business with diligence and develop and sell your growth project with care to seek investors or buyers for your company.



The level of dedication and care we put into each of our projects, effectively and fully led by a senior partner, guarantees the client that if there is a remote chance that the case will succeed, we will make sure that it does. We have a unique ability to convert mandates into transactions, we are doggedly committed to the client and the project.

Global Reach

Grafin operates globally, with extensive experience in cross-border transactions and a network of partners in the main business hubs in the world. We access prospective buyers and investors anywhere in the globe in search of the best transaction for our clients.

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